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Story Time

Story Time

Chill Beats to study to

Chill Lo-fi Beats to study to

Find complete focus with this vast collection of chill lo-fi music that will help you find your centre, absorb information as a result putting you in the right mood for studying.

Relax with hours of chill instrumental beats and sink into a world of pure focus.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do chill lofi beats help you study?

    Chill low-fidelity music is recorded with intentional imperfections left in the music, doing this creates a nostalgic texture in the sound, which as a result allows listeners to focus and remember different times in there lives, When we relax the front lobe of our brain focuses, lo-fi music is just one genre of many that can causes this reaction from our bodies.

  • Is chill lo-fi good for concentration?

    If chill beats help you study it stands to reason that they also help with concentration, the brain instinctually picks out the imperfections in chill lo-fi music and helps you feel ease making it easier for you to concentrate.