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Story Time

Story Time

Hip-Hop Lo-fi Chill Beats

Hip-Hop Lo-fi beats at your finger tips.

Relax and bop your head listening to a selection of Hip Hop Lo-fi Chill beats, featuring an array of lo-fi and chill-hop instrumentals, guitars, pianos and much more.

Enjoy hours of hard-hitting instrumentals as well as soft lo-fi music, transcend into a truly original mix of mood music that will help you sleep, study and more, exclusively on Spotify.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is LOFI and chill?

    Lo-fi and chill (also known as Chill Hop or simply Lo-fi) is a downtempo genre that combines elements of both hip-hop and jazz, which relates to its use of syncopated drum patterns and m7 and m9 chord progressions, it became popular in the early 2010s on YouTube and quickly rose to become of the most popular sub-genres of modern instrumental hip-hop

  • Who created LOFI?

    Two names are considered the godfathers of lo-fi and have been credited as the creators of the genre, one is Nujabes, a Japanese record producer, and American producer J Dilla, who are both known for combining elements of Hip Hop and Jazz.