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Story Time

Story Time

Chill Beats that aren’t Jazz

None of these beats are Jazz

Relax listening to a selection of chill beats that aren’t Jazz, featuring an array of lo-fi and chill-hop instrumentals, relaxing guitars, pianos and much more, but defiantly not Jazz.

Enjoy hours of soft instrumentals, drones, movie sound track type tracks and more, exclusively on Spotify.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Does LOFI count as jazz?

    Lo-fi is its own subgenre of electronic music, it shares qualities of Jazz due to its use of 7 and 9 chords which are commonly used in both genre’s.

  • Why is LOFI Jazz so relaxing?

    People consider Lo-fi to be relaxing due to its calming characteristics which increase brain activity and give you a sense of nostalgia.