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Story Time

Story Time

Chill Ambient Beats

Ambient Beats for any mood

Relax listening to a selection of chill ambient beats, featuring an array of lo-fi and chill-hop instrumentals, guitars, pianos and much more.

Enjoy hours of soft instrumentals, drones, movie sound tracks and more, exclusively on Spotify.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is an ambient beat?

    Ambient beats are a genre of music that place an important emphasis on the tone and atmosphere of a composition, ambient music is known for going against the traditional constructs of musical structure and rhythm, meaning that it typically attracts a niche following and is both listened to for enjoyment but more commonly is used in different forms of media to texture to motion pictures and much more.

  • Is ambient music Relaxing?

    Ambient music has been scientifically proven to help listener feel relaxed, it commonly doesn’t follow any particular key and can feature a variety of different sounds to create tones that create a calming texture,  such as nature sounds, foley sounds and much more.