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Harlz is a British Producer/ Artist from Northampton, UK. Since an early age the aspiring producer was introduced to a wide variety of music, everything from Heavy Metal to Motown.

It was when he was introduced into the world of hip hop from his cousin, when Harlz’s passion for music began to flourish.

In his early teens, Harlz decided to build on his musical knowledge by learning to play the guitar, a skill he later honed in on when entering the acoustic singer/ songwriter scene as a session musician.

During this time he was presented with a variety of experiences, playing shows all over the UK, but his heart always lay with Hip-Hop so it wasn’t long before he went “back to the drawing board” and began working on his sound, something which is now being shared with the world.

His own releases of chilled, majestic beats is a world away from his other releases, where he has worked with multiple UK artists such as Grimmm in the urban music scene, with music he’s produced appearing on such channels as GRM daily, SBTV & JDZ media as well as having his music used on both BBC news and Radio.

Harlz’s diverse work has been influenced by prolific producers such as The Neptunes, Timbaland, Dr Dre & Rick Rubin.

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