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Grimmm is a British Music Producer / Artist / Sound Designer originally from Basildon, Essex but now resides in Northampton UK, Since the age of 9 he has been heavily influenced by a wide range of music including everything from Blues to Hip Hop.

His obsession first began when his step-brother first played him the Marshall Mathers LP by Eminem (at an age when he probably shouldn’t have).

From then on Grimmm started to slowly build his musical knowledge by starting to learn both Guitar and Piano and starting to advance his knowledge of music theory and how to implement it into the songs he would write.

Over the last 20 years, Grimmm has been involved in working with local artists on a whole manor of different project but has also kept his guard close and mainly focused on his own goals, having launched many different brands such as sample pack website.

Grimmm is now releasing a mixture of Lo-fi, and Chill Hop music on his own and with label friend Harlz.

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