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About Chill Beats Records

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Chill Beats is an Independent Record label formed in 2021, specialising in amplifying your song to new heights through our network of Spotify Playlists. 

Started by two friends, and long term collaborators George Matthews and Harley-Joe Arnold, the label was launched to shine light on upcoming producers making chill instrumental music such as Lo-fi, Chill Hop and many more.

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george matthews


Born in Essex and raised in the Northampton, UK, George has been doing has been writing music since the age of 9 and now releases instrumental music under the Grimmm, and also runs  the sample pack website Your Local Musician.

He is the co-founder of Chill Beats, loves all things sound design, and has been playing guitar for over 16 years. He has worked with various artists and instrumentalists from all over the world.


Harley-Joe Arnold aka Harlz is a British Producer/ Artist from Northampton, UK. Since an early age the aspiring producer was introduced to a wide variety of music, everything from Heavy Metal to Motown.

It was when he was introduced into the world of hip hop from his cousin, when Harlz’s passion for music began to flourish.

The music he has produced has appeared on such YouTube channels as GRM daily, SBTV & JDZ media as well as having his music used on both BBC news and Radio.