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Story Time

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Listen to our Official Spotify Playlists, featuring Chill Lo-fi Guitar Beats and many more.



Chill Beats Records works with a plethora of artists.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I listen to Lo-fi?

    You can listen to hours of instrumental lo-fi music, through our network of Spotify Playlists here.

  • What is a good chill playlist?

    Here at Chill Beats records we have a whole variety of great chill playlists, here are some of our favourites.

    1. Chill Beats to Study to
    2. Chill Out Music
    3. Easy Listening Guitar Music
    4. Lo-fi Beats
    5. Lo-fi Guitar Beats
  • How do I submit a song for release?

    Submitting a song to be released through our label is simple, just head over to our submissions page, read the info and send us an email.

    *Please Note – Just because you submit a song to us there is no guarantee that we will release it.